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We at Load 'n' Go Ltd offer consultancy as Consulting Transport Managers and Military Equipment Recycling Consultants. The activities are undertaken with the usual high standards you would expect from Professional Consulting Engineers. All the work is undertaken at an agreed daily rate plus expenses so that you know what the cost is up front. Longer term consultacy will be considered on a project by project basis. Contact Load 'n' Go Ltd by clicking on the Contact button and return the email to us once the form is completed or alternatively by using the telephone and fax numbers supplied. Needless to say that we give practical and realistic advice that will advantage your company in the market place. In addition, we can advise clients, especially SME's on how to take maximise the impact of a presence on the Internet to improve sales and to streamline in house operations to be paper free. We advise on domain names, where to obtain economic web hosting, website design and implementation, all of which are very important to the expanding company in these difficult times.

Load 'n' Go's sister company DentCorp Ltd is at the planning stage of the MER 2013(Military Equipment Recycling 2013) Conference which may be concatenated with TRA 2013(The Road Ahead 2013) Conference at the same venue(s).

Forthcoming Event

An Interactive Conference/Seminar:TRA 2013 (The Road Ahead 2013) HK Conference

The Future of Road Transport - A Generic Solution

Date: xx-xx May 2013 (TBC)

Location: Sheraton Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Click here for here for hotel website).

Click here for directions to the Sheraton Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Click here for the Conference Blog.

Free tickets for TRA 2013 HK Conference sessions will be available from in the Reception Area of the Sheraton Hotel Kowloon,Hong Kong on each day of the conference, to Road Transport Industry decision-makers only, on a first come basis. This is a closed conference for Transport Industry Professionals and therefore you will have to bring along some form of identity and proof of the transport company that you represent such as a business card plus letterhead.

Conference timetable each day: Session #1 from 9.00am to 12.00pm and Session #2 from 1.00pm to 4.00pm.

All sessions start promptly on time therefore please arrive 30 minutes early to get your free tickets.

The Provisional Conference Details

TRA2013 HK Conference/Seminar is aimed at decision makers from SME's and even Owner-Drivers who are desparately trying to compete with the giants of the Road Transport Industry on equal terms. We have the expertise to allow SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprise) to leapfrog the technology used by the big transport companies and make you more competitive at a price you can afford. The big companies can take care of themselves.



  • Historical road transport video;

  • Where we are today;

  • Road/Rail Integration;

  • Traceability of loads 24/7 every day of the year;

  • Traceability of dangerous materials from factory to destination and even when in storage;

  • Secure farm to shop transport system;

  • Paperless logistics command and control systems with full back office integration and customer interface plus demo;

  • Integration of vehicle maintenance software into the paperless system and demo;

  • Training of truck maintenance mechanics, technicians and engineers;

  • Alternative fuels for trucks;

  • LED bulbs for trucks;

  • Road safety/security issues with respect to trucks;

  • Tachograph analysis software with integration into the rest of the paperless system and demo;

  • Interactive Question and Answer Session;

You will find the conference both entertaining and informative but you may not like my vision of the future of Road Transport. The truth sometimes hurts. But recent events mean that fundamental change in the Road Transport Industry is inevitable.

Towers Lounge However, this is a golden opportunity to meet Real Engineers who can move your operations into the 21s century at a price you can afford and with staff training you will be able to handle the new technology easily. Loosely quoting a very famous foreign politician, who shall remain nameless, "We are going to move the Road Transport Industry up into the 21st Century and we are not leaving anyone behind".

Join Real Engineers for a Karaoke in the Conference Room at the end of each day, because we are from the "Old School" who work hard but also believe that work should be fun. Real Engineers will buy the best Karaoke Star, each evening, a free drink of their choice in that wonderful cocktail bar, overlooking Victoria Harbour, at the Sheraton Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong.